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You will find a wide variety of Christian movies and videos for the whole family. You will find the classics such as Jesus of Nazareth and new videos such as Facing The Giants.

Our Christian movie selection is expanding everyday. We have Christian DVDs for everyone, from great Christian DVD movies, to documentaries, to Christian comedy, to kids Christian movies, to those hard to discuss teen topics. Christian DVDs are wonderful gifts to give to friends and family. The Christian movie industry makes quality movies with strong moral messages. Kids especially love videos and they learn important messages as well.

Our Christian movies are always new and sealed. Do you think Christians are not funny? Well you have not seen some of the best Christian Comedy DVDs we carry. You can laugh with Anita Renfroe, Ken Davis, Chonda Pierce and Mark Lowry to just name a few. Get ready for your funny bone to be tickled with good clean Christian comedy the whole family can watch.

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